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Darby the Dalmatian

Darby the Dalmatian loved running. She could run for days without stopping. As Darby lived near the outskirts of a town, she would go running in the nearby fields and meadows. Darby’s family always warned her not to go far. They were scared Darby would not be able to find her way home. She wouldContinue reading “Darby the Dalmatian”

Oakley the Okapi

I’m Oakley the Okapi and I live in a zoo. My name sounds funny doesn’t it?! It’s sometimes hard to say but I think it’s pretty cool. Most people don’t know what I am when they come to visit the zoo, they point and say; ‘look it’s a Giraffe’ and some say that I lookContinue reading “Oakley the Okapi”

Puki the Kitten

Chapter One Puki, the grey kitten, was very mischievous. He lived in a large house with his friends. There was Pasha the big cat and Pixie the dog. Puki loved to play. He jumped on the bed, the sofa, and the table. He ran around the house, in each and every room. It was soContinue reading “Puki the Kitten”

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