Puki the Kitten

Chapter One Puki, the grey kitten, was very mischievous. He lived in a large house with his friends. There was Pasha the big cat and Pixie the dog. Puki loved to play. He jumped on the bed, the sofa, and the table. He ran around the house, in each and every room. It was soContinue reading “Puki the Kitten”

The Happiest Animal in the Jungle

Chapter One: School Time It was a bright, sunny day. All the baby animals made their way to the school, excited to start a new day and meet their friends. Ellie the Elephant put down her grey backpack on her seat and turned around to say hi to her friends. Everyone smiled and waved back.Continue reading “The Happiest Animal in the Jungle”

Who are we? Why Children’s Stories?

Welcome to Bedtime Stories. This blog/website has been an idea in the making for many years now and designed to help educate individuals, families and children. Our team is comprised of talented writers, editors and passionate parents. We aim to help families around the globe get easy access to free bedtime stories for their families.Continue reading “Who are we? Why Children’s Stories?”