Rotty and the Kitten

All the animals on the farm had a group. From the cats, there was Thomas the tabby cat and his sisters Teri and Taya. From the Dogs, there was Apollo the Great Dane, Shadow the German Shephard, and Polly the German Spitz. There were also two horses in the group, Deni and Darya. 

This group of animals always hung out together. They played together and joked together. Sometimes, they also ate together.

Except for Rotty. Rotty the Rottweiler had no friends. All the animals on the farm stayed away from him. Nobody liked him. He mostly sat alone. He also ate alone.

All the animals thought Rotty was scary. 

Okay, so Rotty was a large-sized dog with a massive head and strong jaws. He was black in color with tan markings on his chest and forehead. He was a typical Rottweiler. He also wore a chain around his neck in typical Rottweiler style. But Rotty was not scary. He was kind, gentle, and loving. He was also lonely. Rotty just wanted to be included. He wanted the other animals to like him and be his friends. But they all ignored him.

The cats thought he looked like a beast. They didn’t even come close to him. Apollo, the Great Dane, called him a brute once.Rotty was so shocked!

Apollo himself was gigantic and called Rotty a brute! Shadow the German Shephard and Polly the Spitz didn’t talk to him much either. Rotty once heard Polly tell Shadow that she thought Rotty was ugly. Then she called Shadow handsome and funny. Rotty was so hurt! He felt so bad and lonesome. Even the horses were scared of him. He wished he could show all of them that he was none of those things.

One day something strange happened. 

Rotty was sitting on the grass alone. All the other animals were swimming in the pond together. They had not invited Rotty. As Rotty sat on the grass, he heard a tiny ‘meow ‘sound.  Suddenly he was alert. Thenhe heard it again. and again. Rotty got up and started looking around. Suddenly he found a little kitten in a corner. It was so tiny, no more than a few weeks old. It had white fur and a pink tongue. It was the cutest little thing Rotty had ever seen. 

“Hello, I’m Kiki,” and I’m lost, said the kitten in a squeaky voice. ‘Can you help me?’

‘Of course, replied Rotty. He was concerned. 

How did Kiki get lost? Was she okay? Where was her mother? Rotty worried.

Rotty carried Kiki in his strong jaws and took her to his den. He gave her water and food. Kiki ate and felt better. 

Rotty liked Kiki. She played with his nose and nibbled his face. She jumped on Rotty and hugged him. She didn’t think Rotty was scary or ugly. Rotty was so happy to have her! But he knew he had to find her mother. Kiki was too small. She needed her mother. But how would Rotty find her? Suddenly Rotty had an idea. Why not ask the other animals for help? This way, the other animals would also see that he was not scary but nice. Rotty carried Kiki in his mouth and went to find the others.

They were all relaxing by the pond after a long swim. As Rotty approached, they all pretended he was not there. Apollo looked the other way while Shadow began talking to Polly. The cats and the horses ignored him too. 

‘Look, guys, I just need your help,’ said Rotty. ‘This is Kiki, and she is lost. I am trying to help her mother. Can you please help me?’ Rotty dropped Kiki on the ground from his mouth

‘Oh my! a little kitten,’ exclaimed Thomas the cat. Where did you find her?’

‘She was by the bench on the grass.’ She was alone. 

‘And you helped her?’ Teri and Taya came forward. ‘Weknow her mother. She lives on the other side of the pond. She is our friend’. 

‘You do?’ Rotty was relieved.

‘Yup’, said Teri and Taya. ‘We can take her back.’

 ‘Look, guys, Rotty saved a kitten!’ Thomas announced to the group.

Suddenly all the animals in the group were interested.

They all praised Rotty. ‘It was such a noble thing to do, Rotty,’ said Polly the Spitz. ‘I had no idea you were so kind.’ 

‘I am so proud of you, Rotty’ said Shadow. Then Apollo can and hugged Rotty. Even the horses began swishing their tails andnibbling Rotty’s head.

Rotty was a hero. 

All the animals in the group finally saw Rotty for what he was. A kind, loving, dependable dog who would do anything for his friends. Suddenly, they all wanted to become his friends.

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