Poppy and the Dolphin

Close-Up Photo of a White Spitz Dog on a Red Leash
Poppy the dog

Poppy the dog loved the sea. She was a white Indian Spitz who lived near the bay. Every day, Poppy dreamed about venturing out into the open sea. At times, she jumped into the sea and went for a swim near the shore. She really enjoyed the swim. Her long white fur felt cool and refreshed.

Her pointed, upright ears felt floppy and ticklish, and she just loved the feeling. But Poppy was always stayed near the bay, where she could see land. She was a good swimmer, no doubt, but her deepest fear was getting lost at sea. What if she could not find her way back to the shore? What would she do? She was so scared!

One day, Poppy was sitting by the dock, gazing at the ocean, when she heard a noise. Curious, she stood up and started looking around for the source of the loud clatter. She soon spotted a huge ship just a few miles away. There were sailors surrounding it and loading cargo into it. It was a cargo ship getting ready for departure.

Poppy had never seen a ship before. It was a huge spacious vessel that floated on the water. Poppy ran towards the ship. Being a small-sized dog, she slipped through the sailors’ legs without being noticed. She hopped on the plank connecting the ship to the dock and was soon aboard the ship.

White Sail Boat on Water

Poppy started sniffing around and exploring the ship. She reached the deck. She could see the vista of the vast ocean from there. It was so beautiful! Suddenly, there was a huge thud. Poppy felt the ship move. The engine had started. The ship was sailing. Poppy was shocked. She was so engrossed in admiring the ocean from the deck that she didn’t notice the ship had actually set sail! Now, she was stuck on the ship!

Poppy stayed on the deck. There were sailors working around the ship, but no one noticed a small white dog in the corner. Poppy was enjoying the salty sea air and the sound of the crashing waves. It was so much fun! She always wanted to go out to sea. Her wish had come true! She was in the ocean aboard a ship! She was so happy! But then, something bad happened.

Poppy was standing near the ship railing on the deck when something hit her from behind. Some sailors were carrying a large piece of cargo. The large wooden crate bumped into Poppy from behind. As a result, Poppy lost her balance, slipped through the ship railing, and fell into the open sea.

Poppy hit the water and surfaced. She kept herself afloat as she knew how to swim. She saw the ship moving past her and going out of sight. She was now stuck in the middle of the open sea. Her biggest fear had come to life. She was lost at sea and did not know how to return to land.

Poppy was trembling. How long could she stay afloat? Was she going to drown? How had this happened to her? Suddenly, Poppy heard a splash and saw something grey in front of her. Slowly, a long nose appeared, followed by two small beady eyes. It was a dolphin

‘Hello there! Are you ok?’ said the dolphin.

‘No, I’m not,’ said Poppy. I accidentally fell off the ship I was on. Now the ship is gone, and I am stuck in the open sea. I don’t know how long I can swim for. I am going to drown!’

‘Please don’t say that!’ said the dolphin. ‘I can help you. I can hold my breath underwater, and I swim very fast.’

‘You can?’ asked Poppy.

‘Yes, I can,’ replied the dolphin. ‘You can trust me. Just hop on my back. Keep your head out of the water so you can breathe. Hold on to me, and I will swim towards land.’

‘Thank you,’ said Poppy. Grateful, she climbed onto the dolphin’s back.

The dolphin swam towards the land swiftly. Soon, Poppy could say the shore. Yes! She thought. She was not going to drown.

‘Thank you for saving my life,’ Poppy said to the dolphin.

It’s my pleasure, dolphin replied. ‘It’s wise not to get so scared and to worry so much. Sometimes, help comes when you least expect it. You have to have faith. I am your friend. You can trust me.’

Dolphin reached the bay, and Poppy hopped off onto land. She was safe. And she had a new friend. The dolphin said goodbye and took off. But every few days, she came to visit Poppy. Poppy hopped on her back, and they went for swims together.

Poppy had learned her lesson. She was never going to worry again as things always worked out for the better. And she was going to trust her friend the dolphin. She knew the dolphin would always look out for her and keep her safe out in the ocean.

Dolphin's Head in the Surface
The Helpful dolphin

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