Bertha and the Fairies

six teal icing cupcakes with sprinkles

Chapter 1

Bertha was very happy. It was her sixth birthday, and her mum had invited all her friends. Bertha looked just like a doll in her glittery frock. It was a pink dress with small flowers in the centre.

Bertha’s friends, Sandy, Doris, Iris, and Mike, stood with her around a big chocolate cake. The cake had a small fairy made of sweet butter and sugar. Bertha and her friends spent the evening laughing and having fun.

After Bertha’s friends left, her mother helped her get ready for bed. The birthday party had made Bertha very tired. Soon Bertha fell fast asleep in her room. Her mother switched off the lights and gently closed
the door.

Chapter 2

All was quiet and still. Then something strange happened. A small shadow jumped from the window and started tiptoeing towards Bertha’s birthday gifts. A few minutes later, two more shadows jumped down from that window and went toward the gifts.

Then another two shadows came down and joined the rest. Bertha’s eyes opened, but she did not move. From the corner of her eyes, she saw the small shadows. Her eyes widened in surprise. She saw five little fairies standing by her birthday gifts.

Each fairy was wearing a glittery dress with tiny golden stars on it. They had tiny silver wings on their backs and wore golden shoes on their tiny feet. They were all talking in a soft voice.

Chapter 3

“Who are you, and why are you here?” Bertha said in a soft voice. At once, all the fairies looked at Bertha. Then they tried to hide behind the gifts. “Oh, don’t be scared, I am your friend,” said Bertha.

A small head peeked from behind one box and said, “Hi Bertha.” Bertha was surprised. “How do you know my name?” She asked. Bertha slowly came down from her bed and sat on the ground near her gifts. “We know a lot about you, Bertha,” the same fairy replied. 

She was not afraid anymore and came forward to talk. “We are also your friends. My name is Ann. We live in the flowers.” “I live in the red rose. That’s why my frock is red coloured.” 

The second fairy was wearing a yellow frock. She smiled and said, “I am Sunny, and I live in the yellow sunflowers.” Bertha smiled at the third little fairy who was wearing a purple frock. “I think you live in the tulips, right?” Bertha said to her. 

“Oh, how did you know that?” She replied. “Yes, I do, and my name is Tully.” A fourth fairy’s face appeared. She asked, “Can you guess where I live?” Bertha looked at her shiny white frock. 

“It looks like you live in a Lilly.” “Yes,” the fourth fairy replied, “and my name is Lilly, too.”

Chapter 4

The last fairy was quietly was quiet. Her dress was very strange. It had beautiful colours on it – they were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This fairy smiled brightly and told Bertha she did not live in the garden. 

“I live in a rainbow and come down only after it rains,” she said. “Today, I came down just to wish you happy birthday,” she said.

Then all five fairies stood in a row and held hands. They started singing Happy Birthday for Bertha. They also whirled and twirled their skirts. When they finished the song, each fairy stepped forward and gave Bertha a kiss. Bertha felt very happy.

Chapter 5

Suddenly, Bertha realised that someone was tickling her. She opened her eyes and saw she was on her bed. Her mum was smiling next to her and tickling her. Bertha sat up at once. “Where are all the fairies gone?” she asked.

Her mum looked at her for a moment. “Oh, my little Bertha, I think you were having a very nice dream.” 

“Yes, mum, I think I was,” replied Bertha. “Five fairies visited me. Four of them lived in flowers, and one lived on the rainbow. They wished me a happy birthday and kissed me. Oh, mum, I wish you didn’t wake me up so soon,” said Bertha.

“It’s okay, my darling,” replied Bertha’s mum. “Maybe they can visit your dreams tomorrow as well.” “I wish they do,” said Bertha, and she gave her mum a hug.

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