Puki the Kitten

Puki the kitten

Chapter One

Puki, the grey kitten, was very mischievous. He lived in a large house with his friends. There was Pasha the big cat and Pixie the dog. Puki loved to play. He jumped on the bed, the sofa, and the table. He ran around the house, in each and every room. It was so much fun! 

Puki had lived in this house for as long as he could remember. His best friend was Pixie, the dog. Pixie was kind and loving. She was nice to him all the time. When he was scared at night, he snuggled next to Pixie and slept. Pixie’s long white fur was soft like a cushion.

Sometimes Pixie also played with Puki. Pasha the big cat was serious. Puki was scared of her sometimes. When Puki played in the house, Pasha growled at him. She never played with Puki. She only watched from a distance and did not talk to Puki very much.

Once when Puki jumped on the sofa and Pasha was sitting there, she also smacked him with her paw! It hurt! Puki stayed away from Pasha. But he secretly wished Pasha would become his friend. It would be so much fun if all three of them played together!

Chapter Two

One day Puki was playing in the house when he noticed something unusual. He noticed the kitchen window was slightly open. Puki jumped on the chair, then up on the table. From the table, he climbed on the window ledge.

This window was always closed before, but today, it was open. Puki could see the garden and could smell the fresh air. Puki wondered if he could go outside. Since he was little in size, he could easily fit through the window gap.

Puki thought he always played inside the house. Why not play outside for a change? He was about to step out when he heard a voice say ‘Puki Stop!’. It was Pasha, the big cat. 

‘Why are you going outside?’ Pasha said again. ‘It’s so windy and nice,’ said Puki. The grass smells wonderful; I can smell it from here. I want to go and play on it.’ ‘It’s not safe, Puki,’ Pasha warned. ‘You don’t know who else is there. Please stay inside the house.’ 

Puki really wanted to go outside. Why should he listen to Pasha, he thought? Pasha never played! She hated to play!  ‘I’m sorry, Pasha,’ said Puki. ‘You don’t like to play, but I do. So, I will go out.’ And Puki jumped outside the window without looking back.

The open window

 Chapter Three

The outdoors was lovely. The wind was crisp. The grass was fresh. Puki ran as fast as he could across the garden. The cool earth felt wonderful underneath his paws. He wanted to keep running forever. He never wanted to stop. 

This was so fun; why didn’t I come out before? Puki thought. As Puki was rolling on the grass, he bumped into something. Or someone.  ‘Who are you, and what are you doing here?,’ said a deep, husky voice. 

It was Timmy, the tabby cat. Puki was scared. He had never met anyone else other than Pixie the dog and Pasha, the big cat. Who was this?  ‘I… um…’ Puki stammered. ‘I wanted to play outside. Who are you?’ He finally said.

‘I am Timmy, the tabby cat,’ said the deep voice. ‘This garden is my home. I live here, and I don’t like strangers.

‘Please, sir, I am sorry,’ said Puki. He was so scared he was shivering. Timmy the tabby looked so big. He was even bigger than Pasha. He was black and white in colour with huge teeth. Puki wished he had listened to Pasha and had never come outside.

Chapter Four

Suddenly there was a loud ‘WOOF WOOF.’ Startled, both Puki and Timmy the tabby turned around. They saw Pixie the dog and Pasha the big cat jogging towards them. Pixie’s tongue was lolling out while Pasha looked stern. Pasha had alerted Pixie, and they had come out to rescue him!

‘Hello Timmy,’ said Pixie. ‘It seems you have found our friend.’  ‘Our friend, who did not listen to me when I warned him not to go outside,’ added Pasha. ‘Oh yes, I did,’ said Timmy. ‘I was wondering what he was doing outside.’

Timmy the cat turned to Puki. ‘It is not safe, little one. You are little, and there are many strangers here. Anything can happen. You can also get lost. It is wise to stay indoors.’ ‘Yes sir,’ said Puki. He joined Pixie and Pasha and headed towards the door. 

‘I hope you will listen to me next time, Puki,’ said Pasha. ‘I may not show it, but I care about you. I will always be there for you. We are family.’ ‘That’s right, Puki,’ said Pixie the dog. It’s always wise to listen to your family. It’s for your own good’. 

Puki had learned his lesson. He loved Pixie the dog and Pasha the big cat. They were family and also his best friends. And would always watch out for him. 

Puki and Pixie

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