Who are we? Why Children’s Stories?

How Stories educate and inspire

Welcome to Bedtime Stories.

This blog/website has been an idea in the making for many years now and designed to help educate individuals, families and children. Our team is comprised of talented writers, editors and passionate parents. We aim to help families around the globe get easy access to free bedtime stories for their families.

Why do this?

  • It is very clear that the majority of what we read stems from articles, blogs, research and stories found on the internet.
  • The effects of technology in the world today is quite evident and our team believes that we can utilise our mobile devices to deliver one of the best mediums of all…stories.

Our goal is to connect with writers from around the globe and curate some truly magnificent stories that can inspire, motivate and humble each and everyone of us.

Often, we think why even make this journey public at all? And the answer to that is maybe more obvious than what it seems. Whether you are a parent or sibling, we have all had to come up with a creative story at some point in our lives. Our team find themselves doing it frequently with children and their requested bedtime stories.

Without hardcover books, we sometimes find ourselves reciting the same story over and over. Why not use a collection of stories told by parents all around us? Not only will we learn more from other cultures and perspectives, so too will our children.

Through conversation with many parents and even children, we have found that using an array of different stories allow exposure to otherwise untold experiences that may be happily discovered and found to be a great way to learn.

Follow our story and make sure you subscribe to our journey by entering your email address on our home page. Remember Bedtime Stories are for everyone and we are really excited to have you here with us.

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